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Adopt-A-Highway: Volunteers from our church give of their time to help the community clean up litter from our local roadways.  MBC has adopted a 3.6 mile section of Stracks Dam Road in Myerstown just north of the church to clean up quarterly. – Tom Macchione

Helping Hands: Volunteers from our church give of their time to help the widows and needy in our community with their housing and personal needs which can range anywhere from carpentry and plumbing to a meal or a car ride. – Dave Pond

Hospitality:  Everyone knows that we could all use more hospitality in this world.  This group of volunteers reaches out to those in need along with providing for church functions.  This is an often thankless position that works behind the scenes. – Sue Swisher

Mens, Ladies, and A2W (45+):  These ministries focus on each demographic individually so as to hopefully fulfill the needs of that specific group.  Each of these has events throughout the year that you can see on our calendar. – Mens: Mike Barnhart, Ladies: Sue Bitner, A2W: Beverly Brossman

Missions:  MBC supports 17 missionaries from various organizations at this time.  We have incorporated a Faith Promise giving program so that we can fulfill what we believe is an opportunity to spread God’s Word to all people groups across the globe.  It takes a special person to follow God’s leading wherever that may be and we intend to support those who are willing. – David Klahr

Nursery Workers:  Every church knows that there is an immense need to protect and have fun with the babies and toddlers that join our churches every Sunday.  We take this very seriously and every staff member or volunteer that has contact with children must be run through a background check first.   – Danna Keener

Prayer Circle Ministry: If you have an interest in praying for our church, one of these groups is for you!  We pray for our pastors, leadership team, SS teachers, support staff, ministries of MBC, spiritual renewal, and any upcoming events or church needs.  We meet at 8:30am every Sunday morning in classrooms 5A-8A.  – Bucky Henderson

Small Group Ministry: As our church grows, it is easier to hold each other accountable and bring encouragement to each other’s lives by meeting in a small group setting.  Currently we are running 5 different groups that meet throughout the week and are geared to different ages and stages of life. – Bryan Shive

Sunday School Teachers:  These are our trusted volunteers who work alongside our children, teens, and adults.  They come prepared every Sunday to teach us about the Scriptures and how we can apply them to our everyday lives. – Jim Bernheisel (Sunday School Superintendent: Adults) and Danna Keener (Children)

Ushers, Greeters, Welcome Center:  These are the first friendly faces that you will see as you come into MBC’s open doors.  They are ready to make you feel welcome and to get to know you better so that MBC can be the church for you. – Harry Hurd (Ushers), Lori Manley (Greeters), Donna Baker (Welcome Center)

Website: Each week this ministry makes sure that the information that is available to the public is current and helpful to those wanting to find out more about MBC. – Tom & Joy Macchione, Rick Hower

Worship Arts: This ministry includes all music related activities at the church.  Praise team is a select group of vocalists that assists in leading the Sunday morning worship services.  Praise Band is very similar except that it also includes live instruments.  Choir is a group of singers that follows choral music in a 4-part harmony.  Typically you will see them about once a month during the Sunday morning worship services in addition to a Christmas Cantata annually. Soloists are vocalists or instrumentalists who have been truly gifted by God in the area of music.  They are then chosen to share with our church that gift that God has blessed them with in order to lead us all into worship. The A/V tech team are the behind the scenes members that put it all together.  They make sure all of the sound equipment and computer logistics are up and running smoothly for all of our worship services and special events. – Pastor Khyle Keener (Praise Band, Soloists, and A/V Tech Team)

Youth and Children: This ministry opportunity reflects the very core of what our church is about.  We are about building our Christ’s church and that begins with reaching and discipling the youth and children surrounding us.  Teen Revolution targets 6th-12th graders while Super Church and Epic Kids reaches out to preschoolers through 5th grade.  These areas can always use more servants to help out! – Nicole Kuhne (Teen Revolution),  Danna Keener (MBC Kids)

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