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What We Believe:  We believe in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Holy Bible: including the virgin birth; the all-sufficient, substitutionary, and sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross; the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ; the pretribulation rapture of the church; the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life; Salvation by grace alone through faith alone; the eternal security of the believer; and a literal heaven and hell

Our Purpose:  Helping People to Know, Follow, and Share Jesus

Worship Times
Sunday Worship – 8:30 AM
Sunday School - 9:00 AM
Sunday Worship - 10:00 AM

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What’s happening @ MBC

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Communion Sunday
By sharing in the Lord’s Supper, we are reminded of Jesus’ life and death, there will be a benevolent offering taken

Kids Program Practice
4 year olds—5th Grade who are in the Christmas play should attend, Bring a packed lunch
11:30am-1:30pm I MBC

No Revolution Tonight

Missions Team Meeting
9am  I  MBC

Kids Program Practice
4 year olds-5th grade who are in the Christmas play should attend, Bring a packed lunch
11:30am-1:30pm  I  MBC

We will be open for live services this Sunday, Nov. 29th at 8:30am and 10am